KNITwords Poncho


I love a good poncho. Worn over the top of other clothing, it’s an excellent layering piece, and allows for the knitter to wear bulky or fine weight items underneath. This would be perfect for an outdoor knitting festival in the early spring or fall as well as a great blanket for covering up while you knit away the winter cold in your pajamas.

Written to include a long-folded turtleneck feel free to shorten to a one inch ribbed crew neck, or slightly longer 2.5 inch folded neckline.

FINISHED MEASUREMENTS: 51 (56, 62)” / 129.5 (142.25, 157.5) cm
23.75” in length (folded collar) x 69 (79, 79)” circumference at hem / 60.5 x 175.25 (200.5, 200.5) cm
Suggested to be worn with several inches of positive ease.


A worsted weight poncho in 3 sizes with 10 word charts.


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