I Will Sit With You Shawl


When my daughter was a small child in elementary school, she would come home from school and say, “Susan said this or Susan did that” and I would say “Who’s Susan?” and she would tell me “I sit with her at lunch.”
So, one day, I decided to investigate by peeking into the lunchroom at her school and there sat my daughter at a special table with Susan, who was in a wheelchair and had a lot of trouble eating. I left quickly but later I asked her: “Tell me about Susan.” And her reply was “No one will sit with her, so I do.” Ah – from the mouths of children come the best lessons.
Let’s practice this together – “I will sit with you.”

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A collaboration with Toad Hollow Yarns’ Alice in Wonderland Theme. Just 2 skeins of yarn are needed to knit this lovely shawl.


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