Betweenity Hat


Several years ago, I was gifted a pair of mittens from a friend who had taken a trip overseas. I love these mittens.

Knit in charcoal, red and orange, they appealed to my sense of color and I wear them with my orange wool coat I got on sale at Nordstrom’s. (Of course, the orange coat was on the sale rack.) I have wanted to design a hat and cowl to match these mittens ever since.

Betweenity: Noun | bee – tween – i – tee | Eighteenth century, English. Being in the middle, or between two things.


A colorwork hat worked in the round with a lovely geometric motif. Betweenity Mittens provided the inspiration for the set of Betweenity Hat, and Betweenity Cowl which are available as a set at a discounted price.


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