With over 50 designs to choose from you are sure to find the perfect project for you!

Cori’s designs are available for purchase here on her Website, ETSY, LoveCrafts, and Ravelry shops.

knitting at the library

This easy-to-knit cowl is perfect for a beginning knitter to stretch their new skills by working each section in different texture stitches.

Knitting at the Library Cowl 

These socks remind of a time when kids played kickball outdoors all day and it didn’t really matter how big or small you were. 

 Mr. Tom’s Field Socks

This easy-to-knit colorwork chimney hat will come off the needles quickly and make a merry statement for the Christmas season.

Chim Chim-in-ney Christmas Hat

cahoots sweater

What’s more fun-filled than a rainbow or a gradient of owls in a sweater that will also serve you well should the weather be chilly? The knitter has several options for colors as well as the number of owl rows to include in this sweater. Or remove all the owls and knit only the beautiful corrugated ribbing for a fancy trim option.

Cahoots Sweater

needles up amulet cowl

This cowl was designed in the hope that you will bedeck yourself with one or more jewels (aka stitch markers), and then reach out to a new friend and teach them, or knit with them, or recognize them in the wild because they, too, are wearing a special maker or two that they love.

Needles Up Amulet Cowl

attagirl sweater

She has this thing about her, that the more you’re around her, the more you fall in love with her. This sweater, worked in two colors held together, is dedicated to women: daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers and friends who are twined together in a common, supportive thread. 

AttaGirl Sweater

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