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50 Shades of Sweaters

Never knit a sweater? Knit a few sweaters but none of them fit quite right? A chance to look at construction styles of 60 sweaters; along with yarn choices, will allow students in the class to really visually “see” what they may like to dislike about a sweater they plan to knit. How to fix a gaping neckline? What about if a sweater is too long? What if sleeves are too short? Can a hand-knit sweater actually make you look thinner?

In this 3 hour workshop, Cori will give you ideas for things you’ve never heard of doing to get a sweater to fit you superbly.  She’ll show you why some sweaters look great on everyone and will talk about why some sweaters will never fit anyone well, even though we love the look of them. These tips and more all in one place at one time and you can try them all on!

50 Shades of Shawls

Don’t knit shawls because you don’t think you’d ever wear one? Knit a few shawls but don’t wear them. Maybe it’s all in the styling or the construction of the shawl you’ve chosen. Here’s a one time, one afternoon, chance to take a look at the world of knitted shawls, from different constructions to yarn choices, color choices as well as styling options.

And let’s also include that worrisome garment that some call a poncho. And perhaps that generous stole or scarf that might be languishing on the needles, let’s get it knit in a way that you’ll love, with just a few ingenious ideas that might turn you into a shawl fashionista. Anything you wear around your neck will be modeled and discussed with tips and tricks to make your shawl knitting a must have!  This is a 3 hour workshop.

Up North Cabin Sock Class

A beginner friendly class using worsted weight yarn to learn basic sock construction. All participants will knit a sock using yarn of their choice. Ribbing, double pointed needles, heel turn and gusset all will be covered. (Option to use 2 circular needles can be provided) I usually do not teach magic loop to beginners. There are 9 toe options offered in this patter and participants will explore several of these.

Fiber Friends Shawl Class

This DK weight shawl is a great introduction to a few basic texture stitches. A long crescent shaped shawl is the easiest knitted item to wear, as wrapping it around the neck or shoulders makes it fun to throw on and go. Twisted Rib, Broken stockinette and slip stitch rib are all included in this checklist pattern. Some chart reading is taught as well. Pattern used 2 skeins of tonal DK weight yarn in this advanced beginner friendly class.

Beginning Knitting

Learn all the basic knitting skills in three 2-hour classes.  In the privacy or your home, a neighborhood group, with a group of friends at a public meeting place, all for a small fee per class participant.  Knit and purl stitch, casting on and off, decreases, and ribbing are taught in a sequence that makes sense and skills can build on one another.  All participants will provide their own yarn and needles and will complete a hat project in the 3-week time frame.

Beyond Beginning Knitting

You already know the basic stitches and would like to move on to something a little more challenging than hats and scarves.  Choose a project, or have Cori recommend one and learn skills such as cables, stitch patterns, new cast ons or cast offs or even knit your first baby sweater.  Class length depends on projects chosen but fees are the same as beginning knitting and usually cover 3 weeks of 2-hour classes.

Fixer Upper

Did one of your knitting projects have a problem? Have you finished knitting a sweater shawl or sweater and don’t wear it? Based on the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper I’m here to bring your old, unused, projects back to life. Bring your problem projects to this class for a little help on fixes, tips and tricks for specific problems? I’ve had my share of problem knits throughout my 30+ years of knitting and I’ve come up with some unique and interesting fixes. Class participation will be required, as there really is no class if no one brings a problem. Please sign up only if you’re willing to bring a project. We will also crowd source suggestions for solutions to your knitwear problems by letting knitters in the class also give suggestions for improvement in a garment’s wearability.  Materials: Bring a problem project.

When Knitting Goes Wrong: Fixing Mistakes Small and Large

Learn how to fix the 6-10 most common mistakes that face advanced beginners. Students in this class will knit a small swatch with mistakes knit in (I’ll provide instructions and it’s easy). Then the class will work together following a written instruction sheet to address each type of problem. Tinking back; frogging back; changing purls to knits; changing knits to purls; dropping stitches down and laddering back up; removing extra YOs; picking up stitches 4 rows down; and more. A handout is available for this class if you would prefer to see the actual class instructions.

How to Use Ravelry Like a Pro

Ravelry is such a great resource with a lot of uses. Learn how to use Ravelry for patterns, substituting yarns, cataloging your stash and needles, you can join groups, find help, track your projects, and even find discontinued yarn or books!

Material Needed:   A laptop or wifi enabled tablet;  Ravelry ID and password if you have an account; notebook and pen/pencil. What skills you should have: Basic computer skills. What skills you will learn: How to create projects, search patterns & yarns, how to catalog your stash and needles, plus more! Homework: Signup for Ravelry if you don’t already have an account. Make sure you remember or save your ID and password so you can log in during the class. This is a 2-hour class but can go longer to answer more questions.

Latvian & Horizontal Braids

Wondering how to make those fancy horizontal braids you see on knitting sweaters, hats and cowls? Let’s take the mystery out of the process and learn how to do two color Latvian Braids as well as one color horizontal braids. A lesson on Cori’s 2-color cast-on is also include in this hands-on skill building class where participants can choose to start a hat or a cowl. Materials: 2 colors of worsted weight wool and a 16-inch size 8 circular needle This is a 2-3 hour class.

Choose Your Own Path Hat

Chim Chim-in-ney Hat

The Chim-in-ney Hat class is a great introduction to colorwork. The simple short repeat is a perfect time to learn to catch your floats as well as working on your gauge. A simple i-cord Christmas light cord is a fun bit of whimsy and is easy to learn as well. This class runs for 2 weeks for a 1.5 hour each week.   

Chim Chim-in-ney Hat

Minnesota 52: Stories from the Road

How did two knitting friends decide to write a book inspired by a Minnesota highway? What goes into writing a knitting pattern book? Is there really a story about almost getting arrested for a yarn bomb? Why is there a recipe for bars in the book?  All these questions and a variety of samples from the trunk show will be presented at the upcoming Minnesota Knitter’s Guild meeting by enthusiastic, excitable and passionate about knitting Cori Eichelberger, aka, Irocknits on Ravelry and Instagram. Minnesota 52: 16 knits inspired by a road was published in late June of 2017 and has already gone to its second printing. This will be a fun-filled evening with lots of laughter and a little bit of heart. It’s all about friends, and friendships made through knitting, so you might want to bring yours?

Skein to Skeins: An Interactive Game

Cori has developed a new interactive game based on the original matching card game of Apples to Apples. Using knitting trivia and fill in the blank prompts, the group works its way through some hilarious, amazing, awe-inspiring and downright naughty answers given by the small groups teamed up to play against one another. This is the perfect introduction for a group of knitters at a retreat, a knitting event or LYS social gathering. Cori uses a power point display to keep everyone on track while also playing emcee for the game. An unlimited number of players may participate while enjoying refreshments, dinner or evening snacks.

Make an Owl Cowl

You already know the basic stitches and would like to move on to something a little more challenging than hats and scarves. Learn the skill of cabling without a cable needle, by making the free Ravelry pattern Owl Cowl for Nicole. Worsted weight yarn makes this a fairly quick and easy knit. 3-hr workshop.

Owl Cowl for Nicole

Choose Your Own Path ~ Hat, Mitts or Cowl

Welcome to choose your own adventure knitting. In this class you will knit a hat or a cowl (or both if you’re an overachiever) by making choices for colors, stripes, ribbing and Latvian braids. Choose high contrast or coordinating yarns and let’s get started. You’ll need 2 or 3 colors of worsted weight wool, a size 8 needle and few hours of knitting time. Won’t you join me for a one-of-a-knitting class that promises to teach you something new while you’re having a great time!  3-hr workshop.

Choose Your Own Path Hat

How to Start a Knitting Podcast

Have you always wanted to start a podcast? Do you have something to say or share about knitting or crochet? Do you want to chronicle your knitting projects in a public way? Do you want to make informational tutorials to post online? I will walk you through the steps I used to start a YouTube channel and to record, edit, and upload a podcast. I will talk about lighting, sound, backgrounds, music, resources, etc. I have shared a podcast every other week for 2 years (Aug 2018 – present) and currently have about 3,000 subscribers – a number that continues to grow. My audience of knitters and crocheters are very engaged and participate as part of a community.

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