About Cori

cori eichelberger

About Cori

I am a former high school English teacher for at-risk students, (1986-2001) whom I also taught to knit. I have over 20 years’ experience teaching beginning knitting and technique classes and my workshops are popular at yarn shops and retreats throughout the United States.

I co-authored the book Minnesota 52: 16 Knits Inspired by the Road in 2017. And in the Fall of 2020, I published Knitwords: 8 Patterns and 10 Musings that Celebrate the Knitter.

I produce a bi-weekly YouTube podcast – “Irocknits” – where I try to inspire knitters to make beautiful sweaters and shawls while providing Tips and Tricks and a touch of humor.


Why Irocknits? “Iroc” is Cori spelled backwards which I discovered when I saw the Iroc Z28 Camaro in 1978 pull up in my driveway. LOL

I am known for my love of color, especially orange, and I thoroughly enjoy knitting nightly in my rocker recliner until all hours because I am a certified night owl. While I learned to knit in a community education summer class in 1981 with a long straight needle tucked under my arm, I currently knit continental (holding my yarn in my left hand) and love showing knitters the joys of colorwork or stranded knitting.

I use she/her pronouns and currently live on Wahpekute land* in southwest area of Minneapolis, Minnesota with my husband and a large Bernedoodle named Chevy. 

You can find my patterns and book here at www.irocknits.com, on Ravelry, Etsy, and Lovecrafts.

My Mission

  • I firmly believe that Black Lives Matter. My home city struggles daily to affirm this.
  • The homeless population numbers in Minneapolis are troubling (exceeding 20,000 in 2020) and I’m working to provide basic necessities, knitted items as well as supporting the work for permanent solutions.
  • I also believe in racial and gender equality.
  • I believe humans are not illegal.
  • I support justice and human rights for all people.
  • Compassion is everything.

I make donations from my monthly pattern sales to:




https://eji.org/  Equal Justice Initiative

As well as my home church mission www.standrewlu.org

 *You can find the land you live on at: https://native-land.ca/



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